Withdrawals and unusual side effects

Hey! I’m reaching out for the first time regarding my weed issues. Jan 1, 2021 I quit cold turkey. I quit after lots of smoking of 22%~25% grade thc. I had normal symptoms start around day three. (Insomnia, no appetite, irritable.) I’ve just passed 5 weeks without a single puff. My stomach is in so much pain. Feels like my kidneys are as well. I also should mention I started eating a lot healthier than what I was when being a chronic toker. The pain comes and goes every day or second day. It feels lower in my digestive region than the stomach. The pain got so bad I went to the E.R. two weeks ago. They couldn’t find anything wrong with me. (Maybe worth mentioning I’m about 50lbs overweight) The pain starts in my back left kidney area and wraps around to my lower stomach in the front left area. Then other times it will also be in back on the right side where it seems the kidney would be. This last month I’ve been having tons of greens and veggies, taking vitamins daily and drinking tons of water. Doesn’t seem to be making a difference. My family doctor isn’t sure what’s wrong either(of course the pain isn’t bad when I see her). I’m just curious if there are any other recovering pot heads experiencing the same thing and I need to tough it out? Or if someone recognized the symptoms I’ve described and could point me in the right direction? I would be really grateful. I have had my kidneys ultrasound, dr said they looked fine, a CT scan it’s not diverticulitis, it’s not a hernia, no infections detected in my urine and I am waiting on blood results that are more comprehensive than what they did in the E.R. Just a man struggling and looking for answers. Thanks in advance. Your friend IllogicalZ

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