What to Know: Dallas 1963 and US 2020? And new restaurants! Remember new restaurants!

Dallas 1963 and U.S. 2020?

Over the weekend I listened to the Audible version of “Dallas 1963,” the book by Bill Minutaglio and Steven Davis.

John F. Kennedy speaking to crowd in front of Hotel Texas, Fort Worth with V.P. Lyndon B. Johnson to JFK’s left and Texas Governor John Connally over JFK’s right shoulder, on morning of November 22, 1963.

I had been meaning to read it for a while, but finally set aside the time after I heard Minutaglio talk about the book with Dan McDowell of The Ticket. I’ve read a lot of books – good and bad and some downright awful – about the Kennedy assassination, but this one comes out close to the top (Vincent Bugliosi’s “Parkland” is surprisingly good, too). I was 7 years old at the time, so “Dallas 1963” kind of sets the stage for the world I grew up in, but wasn’t quite yet aware of at the time.

It’s riveting and flows quickly. Lots of things I didn’t know about H.L. Hunt, Gen. Edwin Walker and all sorts of people leading Dallas who were just shy of bat guano crazy. There were others, too, like Stanley Marcus, who had a lot more to them than I ever thought. He apparently helped set up the World Affairs Council of Dallas/Fort Worth, which the Fort Worth Business Press used to partner with often. I had no idea.

If, like me, you’re of a certain age, the book will give you a glimpse of a world of which you might have been only vaguely aware.

I hate to say, some of it sounds like it applies directly to our world today.

Probably the closest I ever got to reporting on the Kennedy assassination was my interview with Tammi True, one of Jack Ruby’s strippers. Tammi – real name Nancy Meyers – is mentioned in “Dallas 1963.” She was a hell of an interview.

InMarket: Tammi tells it True: Myers takes it all off, one story at a time

It’s got to be a good sign that four new food-related announcements went out on Monday. I mean restaurants are in a down phase due to the pandemic, right? Sure, but hey, maybe these guys got a deal. Either way, all of them sound interesting. In WestBend, Ascension Coffee – an Australian coffee bar/café – is sure to attract some attention and ZAAP Kitchen offers a different spin on Asian cuisine.

Bagel and coffee Ascension

At Crockett Row on West 7th, we’ve got Taco Paseo, a Tex-Mex restaurant, and Japanese cuisine-focused The Blue Fish, along with some other new retail in the area.

Ascension Coffee, ZAAP Kitchen announce openings in Fort Worth

Two new restaurants coming to Crockett Row

Red cat with leprechaun hat and Irish beer on four-leaf clover. St. Patrick’s Day

In other real estate news a downtown office building built just after the 1918 pandemic is up for sale. The building has seen a lot of renovations and has a cool meeting room built from a former warehouse elevator. Some might remember the building as the former home of the Pig ‘n’ Whistle. That was around 1992 or so and that side of downtown was pretty dead aside from the bar that later moved out on Camp Bowie. Originally constructed in 1919 as Fort Worth’s first parking garage, intended for what was the Winfield Hotel, the space has since gone through nearly $7 million in renovations to convert the 101-year-old building into an open, modern office environment.

Transwestern listing downtown Fort Worth office building with modern renovations

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