What Is CBG—And Is It Different Than CBD? Experts Weigh In

What Is CBG—And Is It Different Than CBD? Experts Weigh In

If you tend to be up on all the latest wellness trends, you’re probably no stranger to the many forms of CBD that have popped up on the market over the last few years. And while CBD oils, creams, and capsules are still all the rage when it comes to healing and relaxation, it turns out there may be a more powerful compound gaining buzz known as CBG, which is found in very low concentrations in mature cannabis flowers.

Why the CBG hype? It may have to do with the fact that there is an increased understanding of cannabis and cannabinoids these days, according to Jeremy Riggle, PhD, a cannabis researcher and chief scientist at Mary’s Medicinals and Mary’s Nutritionals in Denver. As a result, all of this cannabis research and exploration has introduced scientists to many new cannabinoids besides the more well-known THC and CBD. Additionally, advances in extraction and isolation technologies have allowed researchers to be able to isolate many cannabinoids including CBG, which was not possible or common just a few years ago.

Now, let’s dig into what CBG is exactly, as well as its possible benefits. (Keep in mind, the research on various cannabinoids is far from conclusive—so take everything you hear about CBG *and* CBD with a grain of salt.)

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