Wellness Versus (ILL) Legal Medical Cannabis – By Jason Rice

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Cannabis lobbyists send UK MP’s to Canada and claims it can be legalized recreationally in the UK in 15 years time that means 2034! It seems a long way off and it is! While the world moves on with cannabis reform!

However, recently we hear that MP’s in the contest to become Tory leader are admitting to past drug use with no qualms and retrospective action against those concerned. This includes the current leader and PM Boris Johnson, who even as the Jack of Hearts in the Release Human Rights Nice People Take Drugs deck of playing cards (featuring high profile Politicians drug usage) says as Mayor of London in 2008 ‘…of course I’ve used drugs’.

There are a lot of double standards- yet again!This adds insult to all those people caught up by the 1971, Misuse of Drugs Act. It is a law that is unjust and old as well as an affront to all the stop and strip search arrests, doors sledged in and interrogation by over-zealous Drug Squad

Officers who seem a lot of the time to be above the law. This law is used a disproportionate amount on those in society that are poor and ethnic and not on those of society at the top of the Class system pyramid.

Many people have been fined, imprisoned and also died from this insidious act and I put forward the suggestion that it should be repealed and a fairer and more just policy put in its place, with compensation for those deemed unfairly treated by Human Rights violations and moral panics led by an unfair UK Judiciary…as a start I cite cannabis and its No Victim: No Crime! As example for cannabis justice.

There has been another call by the Governments Drug Advisory panel that due to illicit drug deaths there ought to be a decriminalization of drugs of all sorts, but it just gets side lined by Brexit, as have so much of society’s problems over the past three years. No one is willing to discuss the Cannabis issue, except for Transform ( www.tdpf.org.uk ).who have a new Report on the current Canada situation a year on from recreational legalization and the first of the G7 countries to do so.

Stating a positive but patchy success, with a few start-up problems including demand outweighing supply and not enough attention being paid to people with past cannabis convictions

and their inclusion in the new scenario with reparations. Different Provinces also have different rules, as well as black market cannabis which is still cheaper than legal in relation to cannabis fl owers and oil – edibles are being rolled out in the near future.

The positive medical value of cannabis is still being debated by UK Policy makers yet its safety should not be doubted, as it’s got to be the most scrutinized plant in modern times. And those that are in need of it as part of their care plan are being denied their medicine of choice due to ignorance by Politicians and Lawmakers of the realization that it can help with peoples ailments better than traditional drugs with less side effects very cheaply.

Even if the National Institute of Clinical Excellence (NICE) in the UK are now looking into CBD effi cacy and asking whether it is worth using by judging its effectiveness. Morphine or cannabis for pain relief for example – a choice between addiction and death ensues with one and not the cannabis other.

If UK company GW Pharmaceutical (makers of Sativex- for MS- and producers of over 90 tons of medical cannabis last year from the UK but not for UK citizens) were to give up their secrets and their 20 years of medical research into the cannabis plant, then most of the ills of the planet could be alleviated within 5 years according to the Chief Geneticist of Green House Medical affiliated to Arjan Roskam’s Green House Seed Company and winner of more Cannabis Cups than anyone. Imagine if GW Pharma were to be infiltrated by Anonymous and their fi les hacked then all the info would be common knowledge and can be used to help the world instead of a few benefiting from share options- now there’s a thought!The English NHS plans to roll out a preventative regime instead of cure as a course of action.

Prevention versus Cure! NHS Directive, Nov 2018- this prompted a letter from me to be sent to the Home Office on behalf of a cancer suffering friend who needs access to Medical Cannabis oil. I have not received a reply at all!Black marketeers and Oil Scammers – I encourage DIY GYO- reputation+ evaluation+ education to improve knowledge and evolve! Is the way forward? In the future Big Pharma, Big Business and Big Ag only see profit and do not see cannabis’ holistic capabilities helping society.

Freedom to Farm- Freedom to Choose comes to mind as there is much to be said for a full spectrum cannabis plant helping in so much of mankind’s life. There is now a Holistic Healing opportunity that is mentored by Mother Nature and cannabis sativa and solidified by Science, so say the entire Pure Collective (25th January 2019).

Their mission ‘through an International network is to bring the best medicine to market, to continue to create sound research and development in support of the Earth and our International community’…and aim to heal the planet and local economies…’It seems that we are inexplicably connected to cannabis through Nature and the Endo Cannabinoid System; just ask Raphael Mechoulam, the Israeli organic chemist and cannabis expert.

Let us not hinder ourselves any more…Deep gratitude for all cannabis campaigners wanting positive change!

Written and Published By Jason Rice In Weed World Magazine Issue 144

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