Thousands of Amazon Shoppers Are Calling These the “Best Hiking Boots I've Ever Owned”

Thousands of Amazon Shoppers Are Calling These the “Best Hiking Boots I've Ever Owned”

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With destination vacations on pause, there’s never been a better time to take advantage of enjoying the great outdoors and, of course, hiking is one of the best ways to do so. But before you hit the trails this summer, you’ll need to get set with the right gear — and one of the most important essentials is a pair of hiking boots fit for the job.

“These boots held up against all different types of climates and weather and water on my road trip and they still look great,” one reviewer said. “We went to Arizona, Utah, Nevada, the Grand Canyon, Joshua Tree, Zion, Salt Lake. We went through water, desert, rain, and mud, and these boots held it fine. These boots were extremely lightweight and required almost no breaking in. My friend had some HiTech hiking boots and she said these Columbia boots were a lot lighter than hers… They’ve also got amazing grip. Whether we were on wet stones, or gravelly and sand covered rocks that could easily give way and make you slip or fall they worked amazingly.” 

The secret to the boots popularity lies in its durable and comfortable design that’s meant to take on various terrains with ease, making them an all-year favorite. The waterproof shoe has plenty of arch support and ankle protection, plus it’s made with breathable materials that keep you cool and dry. According to the thousands of satisfied hikers who’ve made them their own, it’s worth noting that going up a half size may be the way to go — especially if you’re a fan of thicker hiking socks. 

“Super pleased with these boots… They didn’t need a lot of breaking in,” another shopper said. I wore them once on a short 2-mile hike in Pennsylvania and then didn’t wear them again until I went on a much longer hiking trip across the Southwest in autumn. Wore them for five days straight in dust, on rock, in soil, in small creeks across the Grand Canyon, Bryce Canyon, and Zion, including a few strenuous trails, and they performed amazingly with good traction the whole time. They felt lightweight and flexible. No blisters, no discomfort. I would buy them again tomorrow.” 

If you’re ready to hit the trails in comfort, head to Amazon to snag the Columbia hiking boots thousands of shoppers love. 

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