The Best Weed Apps of 2020

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Adopting technology is undeniably a thing that every pothead should think about. As ganja is getting legalized across different parts of the globe for either recreational or medical merits, more and more tech-savvies are doing what best they humanly can to make it a thrilling experience.

This sees to it that there are loads of cannabis apps today. So, what are the best marijuana apps in 2020 and probably beyond? Let’s see 6 of the very best. 

  1. Leafly 

If medical marijuana is the king, then Leafly is the queen as far as technology gets concerned. The Leafly app is ideal for finding more about cannabis and its derivatives. This could be marijuana seeds, CBD, and weed. 

You can download the Leafly App for Android and iPhone for free and get rolling with loads of pieces of write-ups to get you going at the comfort of your mobile device’s screen. What makes Leafly the best app in 2020 is that they update the latest news in the cannabis industry regularly, helps the interested parties find cannabis strains and also dispensaries near them. 

Primarily, the idea behind the development of the Leafly weed app is helping the user find weed maps and marijuana dispensaries within their locality. Should you be in the quest to find a medical marijuana doctor, the app can help you, too. 

Leafly app highlights

  • Real-time notifications and updates whenever there are deals worth seizing 

  • The map helps show one cannabis dispensaries near them

  • A convenient way to enlighten one about anything matters grass

  • Easy way to find a legal marijuana doctor

  • Locate cannabis delivery services hassle-free. 

  1. Weedmaps

As the name gives away, Weedmaps helps weed enthusiasts find weed using a map-like prompt. Since its inception in 2008, Weedmaps has been committed to helping ganja enthusiasts find the best pot using their app, and they have stayed on course. 

Importantly, the free Weedmaps app for Android and Apple is a source of information for states that legalize medical and recreational marijuana in Europe, America, and other parts of the globe. The users of the app can filter through the results to find cannabis sellers by their location or store name. That way, it gets effortless to get live menus from every pot seller; thus making it easy to proceed to checkout.

If you would like to get information about different CBD and cannabis sellers and get enlightened even further about their assortments, then Weedmaps is your ideal solution. 

Weedmaps app highlights

  • It is easy to maneuver through the app and filter through different results

  • Users can find daily offers and promos

  • Loads of cannabis and CBD stores included in the app

  1. PotBot

Medical marijuana users who know the PotBot application for Android and Apple swear that it is the best thing that happened after downloading it. Essentially, the medical malady that disturbs someone plays a critical role in determining what strain best fits them. This is to say that the user inputs the nature of their pain point and details such as their age, location and experience with taking medical marijuana. That way, the app is in a position to determine strains that best fit the entered details. 

There are more than 700 strains included on the cannabis app, and it gets the easiest to find what best works for different conditions and the proper consumption means. Rest assured that there will always be a somewhat accurate recommendation for every user, provided they put precise info in the app.

PotBot app highlights

  • The creators insist that the recommendations are stringently based on medical research 

  • Patients save loads of time that would otherwise have been used in researching multiple Internet sources

  • The customer’s condition inspires the recommendations

  • Loads of cannabis strains mentioned; thus making it proper for most patients to find their favorites. 

  1. HighThere!

HighThere free app for Android and iPhone is more of a dating app for those who love recreational marijuana. Necessarily, the HighThere! app was developed for ganja smokers to socialize and probably plan on a date. The layout is somewhat similar to Tinder, and the users can mention their energy preferences, mood, favorite pot consumption method, and swipe towards the way you would like to follow. For example, swiping right to say “High There” and start chatting or swiping left to imply “Bye There” with your perfect match.

The experience is in the app is fantastic as users can choose to chat, stay in, or go out; which makes communication easier for the potheads opting to go through that route. 

HighThere! app highlights

  • Users can check out other existing users

  • There is the ability to send, accept, or reject invites from other weed users

  • Chatting is simplified. 

  1. Grass Roots

If you would like utter fun when planting grass, then you may decide to take some time aside and install the Grass Roots app for your Android or Apple device. This marijuana app is created in such a way that it is a game for those who have the time and money to explore different stuff from the norm. Mostly, the user can find information about planting ganja seeds, watering, trimming cannabis, selling up to 15 different strains to different stoners, hiring new cannabis workers, and expanding the cannabis business. There are loads of cannabis jobs, too, and one can actually find one that would interest you in real life.

Grass Roots app highlights 

  • Helpful pieces of content to make cannabis growing hassle-free

  • The users can gain necessary skills that could actually be helpful for their lifetime 

  • Updates get made whenever there are new tips in pot cultivation. 

  1. Eaze

If you are looking for a medical marijuana delivery service, then think of the Eaze application for both your Android and/or Apple device. This app has gained its fame for connecting cannabis dispensary owners and medical marijuana users conveniently.

However, the users who need this cannabas app for delivery services, then it is worthwhile to note that they ought to be verified, legal users. The delivery is only done on places where it is legal.

The users need to be aged 21 and above so that they can get recommendations for marijuana products that best fit their pain points and also get access to view exclusive cannabis content and refer their friends who would benefit from taking medical grass. 

Eaze app highlights

  • Products get delivered to one’s doorstep within the stipulated timeframe

  • There is real-time tracking of products after products get ordered 

  • Pieces of info and content get incorporated whenever there is news about medical marijuana.


What is your favorite weed app? Let us know in the comments!

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