Senator King discusses ACA, coronavirus in Maine on CNN

WASHINGTON D.C. (WABI) – Senator Angus King appeared on Cuomo Prime Time on CNN Tuesday night. He and host Chris Cuomo discussed the future of the Affordable Care Act. President Trump has pledged to wipeout the ACA, something the U.S. Supreme Court will vote on the week following the November election. “We have about 150,000 people, that’s about 10% of the population, on either the ACA exchange or the expanded Medicaid,” said King. “About half of our people have pre-existing conditions. If the ACA goes that protection goes.” King said the President has talked about a replacement plan that would insure those with pre-existing conditions, but King has yet to see that plan.

Senator King was also asked about the coronavirus in Maine.

King said he was proud of the work the state has done.

He said Maine has the second lowest infection rate in the country and a recent study says life in Maine is the most “back to normal” in the nation.

King credits Governor Mills for where the state is…

“Number one Maine people care about each other and are responsible,” he said. “Number two we have a governor who made some really hard decisions and took a lot of heat particularly during the summer tourism season. Our governor made those decisions, made the kinds of decisions that the president should’ve made last spring and it’s worked.”

King said that his Republican colleagues have been made to fear the President.

Coming out against the administration in any way leads to him tweeting and turning his base against them.

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