Q-Tipping and Quartz Banger Care: Step-by-Step Guide

If you’ve invested a lot of cash on your quartz banger – as well as it’s important to keep it nice and clean if you haven’t. Not only does keeping your banger help that is clean look nicer in the end, they’ll stay static in very good condition longer and increase the taste of the dab. The process of cleaning your nail or banger with a Q-Tip (or any cotton swab) after every use to maintain the freshness of the nail to keep your banger looking shiny and new, you’ll need to get in the habit of Q-Tip tech. The trick that is real maintaining your banger clean is always to Q-tip just after a dab is taken, whilst the nail remains warm.

Banger Care Essentials: What You’ll Need

Before we dig in in the materials need that is you’ll keep your banger clean, there are some items out there that might seem like a good idea but nonetheless should not be used. That includes bleach, or products that contain sulfuric, acetic, and acid that is gluconic. Make sure you avoid cleaning that is abrasive. They won’t help and will end up scratching ultimately your banger. A cotton swab shall more than suffice, especially if you clean your banger from the get-go.

Q-tips and isopropyl alcohol

isopropyl Standard and alcohol q-tips will be the best for maintaining your banger clean.

You’ll need a few easy materials to help keep your banger in good shape: clean cotton swabs and ISO (isopropyl liquor). Needless to say, there are many higher level items and add-ons (such as for example ISO pumps and cleansing channels) however for now stick that is we’ll the basics. Now that you’ve gathered your supplies, here’s a step-by-step look at how to Q-Tip your banger.

Steps for Q-tipping your Banger

  • Take a dab. Remember that low temp dabs do not burn off as many cannabinoids as high temp dabs and make for a smoother and more hit that is flavorful. Minimal temp dabs additionally assist expand the full life of your banger
  • Let your banger cool long enough so that the puddle is solid but can still be lifted away, which takes about 30 seconds to a minute
  • Take a cotton swab and use it to absorb/remove the residue. Don’t forget to pay attention to the corners and the creases
  • Dip the other side of the cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol (ISO) and use it to wipe away any residue that is extra clean the banger
  • Using a dry cotton swab, wipe off any additional liquor (you may also wait for ISO to evaporate)
  • Repeat after each dab

Cotton swabs are present basically anywhere, but isopropyl alcohol is now just a little trickier to locate offered some supply string constraints as a result of COVID-19. Nevertheless, players within the cannabis industry have actually over repeatedly proven on their own become revolutionary in fulfilling customer need, and also at least one business has generated ISO-Snaps. These baby buds are preloaded with ISO within the swab’s shaft. By snapping the swab, ISO is released in to the shaft for one-step Q-Tip technology, which makes it uber convenient, specially when on the run.

Alternatives to Q-tips and Cotton Swabs

As simple they do carry some negative environmental ramifications as it is to clean your banger with a cotton swab. Our oceans are full of more than 5.25 trillion pieces of plastic from human waste which can kill life that is marine carry pollutants to people through ocean currents. Cotton buds are on the list of tiniest of the pieces nevertheless they nevertheless have an effect because numerous brands utilize synthetic for the rods in place of one thing biodegradable, like wood or paper.

The Humble Co.'s cotton swaps

The Humble Co. offers a great option that is sustainable baby buds. picture credit

When selecting a cotton swab to wash your banger, real Q-Tips are on the list of better options for the surroundings because they’re made from sustainably sourced fused paper which can be composted and in the end biodegrade. Another cotton that is sustainable option comes from the Humble Co. Featuring organic cotton tips and a rod made from bamboo, they are fair trade, biodegradable, and are packaged in recyclable paper.

Dab nails do wear out over time. but by keeping your banger consistently clean, you’ll be able to prolong its life and have more experiences that are flavorful. And understand that you are able to keep your bangers neat and make choices that are thoughtful lessen your environmental impact. Just don’t put that cotton swab in your ear! It says not to right on the package.

Do you have any tips that are additional Q-tipping your banger and maintaining your quartz fresh? Share them within the feedback below!

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