Political Shills in /r/Marijuana

Hey guys – here’s an experiment. See if you can find anyone who was particularly active in r/Marijuana or r/cannabis in favor of either candidate before the election, saying Biden/Trump would be better for cannabis legalization/decriminalization. Now look at what they’ve posted here since the election.

You’ll quickly notice that some of the most active accounts on r/Marijuana and r/cannabis from before the election have completely disappeared since (e.g. /u/stonermeditation – multiple political posts every day on r/Marijuana and r/cannabis before election, and essentially nothing in any subreddit since the election).

Keep in mind that these political shills are not part of our community, and they do not ultimately have our best interests in mind. They do not care about cannabis legalization. They do not care about victims of cannabis illegality. They just seek to use the members of r/Marijuana and r/cannabis as pawns in their own political battles – if they can get our votes (or confuse us, or motivate us not to vote, etc), then they count it as a success, regardless of whether legalization actually occurs.

Remember that politicians are, at best, fair-weather friends. Let’s rise above being mere pawns, moved on a political chess board by empty promises – let’s call out political shilling in r/marijuana and r/cannabis for what it is, and let’s not accept anything short of legalization from our elected representatives.

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