Medical Cannabis Flower in Florida – 2020 UPDATE

We’re already just two months away from the year anniversary of smokable flower in Florida. I can’t believe how quick the time has gone by. When it became clear that the smokable legislation was going to pass, I worked around the clock to make sure our patients at Florida Medical Cannabis Clinic would be taken care of right away. I reviewed the coming law, updated our systems, and had everything in place so we would be ready as soon as the Governor’s signature dried and the first MMTC was dispensing.

I was lucky to be one of the first patients to purchase loose flower in Florida. It seemed like such a surreal moment, something so many had worked so hard and so long for. While it’s been a slow and painful roll out since then, we’ve seen so many changes in Florida cannabis. In October 2019, I wrote a blog post giving an overview of Florida smokable options and the information is already outdated – things change all the time! Today’s blog is meant to serve as an update to that information, but instead in a way that I can hopefully keep updated regularly for you much like my dispensary discount page.

2020 update.png2020 update.png

Shopping for Cannabis Flower in Florida

Patients often become frustrated with the stock availability of cannabis flower in Florida. Florida’s vertical market slows down the speed and consistency at which cannabis products make it to patients. The demand is high and medicine flies off the dispensary shelves. Utilizing online ordering for pickup and/or delivery, as well as paying attention to text and email restock updates can make the process a lot less stressful. To save money, always be sure to ask if you have any discounts, rewards points, or sales available to you. Hopefully the chart below helps you cut through some of the headache in finding the cannabis medicines you need!


  • Dispensaries change things – product offerings, discounts, prices – change faster than I could ever possibly keep updated. I do my best to keep the information current (see date on top of chart), but for the most up to date information check with the dispensary in question.

  • Blank boxes mean the information is yet to be verified and will be updated in the future. Some companies are not yet operating in my area and do not readily make this information available.

  • A few dispensaries (sometimes) offer flower in larger and occasional smaller increments than shown here, but 1/8th offerings are industry standard.

  • While many companies offer popcorn options (smaller buds at a discounted price), their availability varies greatly by company. Some are only available in store, others are only available on occasion.

  • Stock availability changes rapidly. Just because it’s on the chart, doesn’t mean they have it all the time.

  • For the most up to date version of this information, download the chart instead of referring to the image below.

KR Flower Chart 2020 - Sheet1.jpgKR Flower Chart 2020 - Sheet1.jpg

Coach Kristina’s Favorite Flower

Rise Phone Home with Terpene Profile LabelRise Phone Home with Terpene Profile Label

Rise Phone Home with Terpene Profile Label

I’ve had the opportunity to try the majority of the flower options here in Florida (with a few exceptions for the MMTCs not in my area). The two things that are most important to me when choosing where to purchase my medicine are consistent quality & ease of ordering. Due to my health conditions, I cannot drive more than short distances and have to coordinate in store purchases for when I can get transportation. I also live 45+ minutes away from most MMTCs, so I utilize online ordering or delivery 99% of the time. Price is my third most important factor. All of my favorite companies offer popcorn buds at a discounted price, which I tend to take advantage of. For the sake of full transparency – I also qualify for industry discounts at the companies who offer it so I don’t pay full price at most of my top choices.

#1 Rise

  • Consistent quality – (well cured & trimmed, terpene rich, rarely dry, large nugs)

  • Terpene profiles listed on strains

  • Pricing (popcorn)

  • Rewards program

  • Easy, online ordering

  • Glass packaging (usually, I’ve had some plastic)

  • Free Delivery

  • Favorite Strains: Bubba Doja, Phone Home, Lazy Lightning, White Queen

Muv GuruMuv Guru

#2 Muv

  • Mostly consistent quality (occasional dry strain or under cured, always well trimmed, aromatic, nugs can be on the small side)

  • Easy, online ordering (express pick up only)

  • Variety of strains

  • Pricing (T1&2 are based on quality, T3 popcorn size)

  • Favorite strains: Guru, Sour Jack, I95, Black Fire, GG4

  • Drawback: packaging

#3 VidaCann/One Plant

Vidcann and One Plant are in a consistent battle for third place. Vidacann was in my top 3 for a long while, but they lost their summer crop and went without flower for months. They are just ramping back up and yet to have a wide variety of strains or availability. One Plant is newer to the game and still working out a lot of kinks – pricing & discount changes make my head spin. While I’ve had phenomenal quality from them and saw the same when I visited their grow – patient reports have been mixed. I have had a ton of strains full of seeds, which is great from time to time, not so great when they are sneaking into everything you roll or pack. Fortunately, the medicine effects are so great that I tend to forget about it.

Vidacann “Popcorn” BudsVidacann “Popcorn” Buds

Vidacann “Popcorn” Buds


  • Mostly consistent quality (this has been spotty since summer)

  • Easy ordering

  • Free delivery over $75

  • Glass packaging

  • Favorite Strains: Duct Tape

  • Drawback: $, limited strain selection

One Plant

  • Somewhat consistent quality

  • Free delivery over $125

  • Discounted prices for larger purchases of the same strain

  • Rewards program

  • Online ordering now available

  • Favorite Strains: Vanilla Berry Pie, Blueberry Muffin, Lemon Sugar Kush

  • Drawback: Quality spotty – either excellent or not, constantly changing prices/discounts/etc

For some of my thoughts on other Florida MMTC flower options, please see my first post: Flower in Flower Smokable Medical Cannabis Options.

2/16/20 UPDATE

Since writing this post Columbia Care has really kicked up their available flower options. While I’ve yet to try it as there is not one in my area, I’d be remiss to not mention it. Patient reports have been flying in raving about the quality, strain offerings, pricing, and regular specials.

Muv I95Muv I95

Rise Glitter ApplesRise Glitter Apples

Rise Glitter Apples

Curaleaf Cherry Pie HazeCuraleaf Cherry Pie Haze

Curaleaf Cherry Pie Haze

One Plant Caribbean BreezeOne Plant Caribbean Breeze

One Plant Caribbean Breeze

Fluent FlowerFluent Flower

Fluent Flower

2020 Update Smokable Flower.png2020 Update Smokable Flower.png

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