Let’s Stop Pretending Marijuana Is More Harmful Than Alcohol

Let’s talk a bit about cannabis and the fact that marijuana is far less harmful than alcohol. Let’s also talk about the stigmas surrounding marijuana use in motherhood and in general. I bring it up because I know you’ve seen mommy wine culture and the acceptance and humor surrounding it.

Apparently, moms love wine so much we buy shirts and mugs that say “wine o’clock” and sip it as soon as the clock turns 5:00 pm and finish a bottle or two a night. Heck, I’ve been offered wine at a 10:00 am playdate when I, and all the other moms, were driving our babies home. I declined the wine because I’m not a fan of day drinking anymore because I have young kids to care for and alcohol doesn’t really mix with caring for young kids, at least to me it doesn’t.

But as a mom, I’ve noticed A LOT of wine and alcohol jokes over the years. I did think it was funny to a point and we’ve all had days where we need something at the end of it but it became not funny to me anymore when I became more well versed on addiction and struggles. I met a few moms who obviously struggled with alcohol and it wasn’t funny. So it became less fun for me to see jokes about getting drunk any given afternoon to deal with the demands of raising kids.

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Mom smoke marijuana but it's not as acceptable as alcohol.

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Of course, that is just my opinion and really, mommy alcohol culture wouldn’t annoy me so much if marijuana was treated the same. As a mom who smokes marijuana, I don’t even tell people that for fear of repercussions and being stereotyped. Or even fear being turned in by someone who doesn’t agree with my choices despite living in a legal medical and recreational state.

For those of us who live in legal states and/or countries, weed can be legally obtained and consumed just the same as alcohol, but we can’t talk about it as much. It isn’t as acceptable. There are some differences though. Marijuana can’t be consumed in public while alcohol can. Marijuana is only sold in dispensaries whereas alcohol can be found in grocery stores and gas stations.

Weed smokers are still seen as total burnouts who contribute nothing to society but that simply isn’t true. Many cannabis smokers raise families, hold full-time jobs, complete higher education, and hold high positions of authority. Smoking marijuana doesn’t automatically make someone a burnout just as someone who drinks alcohol isn’t automatically an alcoholic.

A lot of cannabis smokers partake for pain relief as well, not just to feel the effect. THC, the active ingredient in cannabis, also helps relieve the symptoms of depression, anxiety, ADHD, PTSD, and more. Moms who smoke marijuana likely don’t smoke all day every day. It’s done when the kids are asleep just like drinking.

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Marijuana use in moms is stigmatized while alcohol is ok.

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Alcohol is widely accepted despite the well-known consequences of too much alcohol use. Hangovers from having too much to drink is a very common side effect or long-term alcohol use can lead to liver failure and death. Excessive alcohol causes 95,000 deaths in the US in 2019.

I haven’t even gotten into how much alcohol lowers one’s ability to make decisions, drive, and ultimately care for another person. It’s also very common to drink so much alcohol you get sick or just need to lay down. Getting drunk during the day as a mom just shouldn’t be happening. As someone who drank and smoked marijuana underage (both things I don’t and would never condone as an adult), I was in way less danger when I was just smoking. The poor decisions I was already making weren’t made exponentially worse by marijuana as they were by alcohol.

When I had my first kids, I was seven years into binge drinking and marijuana use. I of course quit but I didn’t’ miss alcohol nearly as much as I missed the calming feeling of marijuana. When I stopped breastfeeding, I began drinking occasionally again but the hangovers just weren’t worth it. I rarely got enough sleep as it was so drinking didn’t even seem too fun to me.

I preferred to have some cannabis and watch a movie. Marijuana leaves no hangovers. which is especially awesome as I’m only getting older. I know a lot of people have these views because they don’t know anything about cannabis and but only believe reefer madness. If marijuana is a gateway drug so is alcohol.

Moms smoke marijuana and all we want is for the stigmas to stop and for it to be as accepted as alcohol. No, I don’t want weed t-shirts but I want to be able to say I’m smoking a bowl when these kids go to sleep and not hear any gasps.

I fully believe drinking multiple times a week to excess is way worse than smoking marijuana. Let’s no longer pretend alcohol is ok and marijuana isn’t.

Source: CDC, Leafly

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