Kindergarten staff and students at Cherry Valley Elementary quarantined

ROCKFORD, Ill. (WIFR) – All staff and students at the kindergarten level are required to quarantine for two weeks following a positive case of COVID-19 at Cherry Valley Elementary School.

Positive COVID-19 cases force school districts to react on the fly, moving the educational experience to a remote learning environment, and some families have a harder time adjusting than others.

“If schools are closed, what other options do we have then for one of us to stay at home?” parent Taylor Domino said.

Domino is a mother of two children, one in kindergarten at Cherry Valley Elementary School, and the other at a local daycare. When she heard her kindergartener would have to quarantine for two weeks panic set in.

“It’s hard for parents to have to see their kids go through this because I don’t always have the answers to be able to give him,” Domino said. “That is really really hard for me as a parent.”

Domino, like many other parents, relies on the school system and daycare for child care during the workweek.

“We do rely heavily on the educational system to kind of help us navigate how were taking care of our kids during the week,” Domino said. “I don’t necessarily like having to say that we rely so heavily on it but for two parents that are working what other options do we have?”

As more messages go out, quarantining students, parents will face some tough decisions.

“It’s not the time to bring in your most vulnerable adult grandparent to help you with childcare because they put themselves at risk because quarantines can turn into cases,” Winnebago County Health Department’s Dr. Sandra Martell said.

Dr. Martell says if children were to develop symptoms while in quarantine, parents would be in close contact with them forcing them to self isolate as well.

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