Industrial Hemp Farms Improves Sour Space Candy Hemp Flower Genetics

The improved CBD hemp flowers are genetically enhanced to be less than 0.3 percent THC prior to their harvest. Consistency may vary slightly from one strain to another but is within guideline set by the Farm Bill and with legal certification

COLORADO SPRINGS, CO / ACCESSWIRE / October 21, 2020 / Industrial Hemp Farms is committed to continually work on the quality and content of their hemp flower genetics. One of their success stories is the improvement of Various factors can affect the quality and taste of the resulting hemp flower strain. The product is currently being promoted for its taste, aroma, and consistently high levels of terpenes. The strain, as improved by IHF LLC, is also nutrient dense.

According to the website’s information about the popular Hemp Flower, the strain has hints of black cherry and candied apples. This makes the taste appealing and appropriate for parties as well as mellow gathering. The strain is catching on with users due to the mellow results. The ratings of the strain are wildly praised. The improvements engineered by the Colorado-based firm have made the strain a popular favorite both for flavor and consistency.

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SSC is a strain designed for social occasions such as networking events, work events, and parties. The flower buds are rich with aesthetically appealing hairs and carry a full-bodied aroma of sweet and sour candy. The buds are dense with purple, green, and orange colors. This, combined with an outstanding terpene profile, is considered by respondents as the flavor of the week.

The strain is grown with monatomic minerals in an ecologically friendly facility. The nugs are carefully nurtured with control of the humidity throughout the process. The composition of the plants is precisely assessed and tested before approval and release for distribution. The improved version of the CBD hemp flowers is below three parts per thousand of THD before the harvest. From strain to strain, the precise concentrations may vary slightly. The company is compliant with the Farm Bill and also has the appropriate legal certification.


Industrial Hemp Farms is a distributor and researcher company in all levels of the hemp industry. The company is continuously working to enhance the quality of the strains they develop and sell. The plants are engineered to provide a compendium of tastes and THC content.

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Company: IHF Online LLC Corporate Headquarters
Address: 2810 N Nevada Ave, Colorado Springs CO 80907. USA
Phone: (855) 806-4367
Email: [email protected]


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