How The Scent Of Lavender Can Positively Affect Your Brain

All of us seem to be on a perpetual journey to finding some elusive yet necessary relaxation. A journey unique to each person, but pivotal in today’s strange new world (ie. pandemics, wildfires, hurricanes, political campaigns — I’m going to stop before I start crying).

For some, relaxation is a glass of wine after a long day. For others, it’s time for family and friends. For sociopaths, it’s a seven-mile run after working all day.

Writer’s Note: I’m just kidding runners. Please don’t come after me. I’m very easy to chase down.

Everyone finds their own little path to the same mental Shangri-La — the “relaxed” state. Discovering and accessing a relaxed mental state is not just important (or awesome), it’s a necessity for our nervous system to function properly.

As science begins to decode the human brain and the way it enters into a “relaxed” state, there is a new frontier opening for those seeking refuge from stress, and it smells amazing.

Lavender & The Brain

Aromatherapy is definitely not new. The practice has been going on as long as recorded history, but the term “aromatherapy” was first used in 1937 by French chemist Rene-Maurice Gattefosse. A name which, upon reading, thoroughly stresses me out.

Today, the term has been thrust into our everyday lexicon by the essential oils industry. Thousands of companies promote the benefits of aromatherapy — all to varying degrees of success.

Despite the over-commercialization of the process, medical research teams are beginning to find serious benefits to our brain that are triggered by pleasant scents. Most notably, that the scent of lavender increases relaxation and can improve sleep.

Specifically, these studies have found that linalool, a fragrant alcohol found in lavender extracts, helps create a potent relaxing effect.

Research is still early, so the details of why linalool produces this effect on people is still up in the air. However, the results show very positive signs.

Not only is lavender scent a potent tool for relaxation, studies done on research mice produced results that showed the mice falling asleep easier and sleeping for longer durations.

These Are Just A Few Of My Favorite Things

All of this pomp and late-night research led me to an interesting question: if two different things are supposed to help relax, what happens when I combine them? Will I be super relaxed? What about perma-relaxed? Or will they off-set each other?

That’s when I started my own miniature experiment. I purchased the Lavender CBD Oil Drops from Social CBD to see if lavender can enhance the relaxation experience.

Much to my delight, the experiment was a success. Published in my pretend medical journal, My Brain & Me: Why Is This A Thing?.

All jokes aside, the scent from the CBD drops almost acts as an appetizer to a five-star relaxation meal. The initial scent is powerful, but not potent, and is a terrific complement to the isolate CBD product that Social CBD is known to produce.

I was excited to see that there are a number of other products with lavender too. Lavender Body Butter, Lavender Muscle Balm Stick (great for any post-workout), and a Lavender Vape Pen are just a few of the products that infuse lavender very well to enhance the relaxation results of CBD.
Beyond lavender, there are options for cinnamon, lemon ginger, and peppermint. All of which are included in the studied fragrance list that researchers found benefitted the brain.

Try out the flavored CBD drops to help find your path to relaxation.

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