How Sensory Meditations Help To Calm Your Mind

green kush on white surface

For many years I had recurring issues with stress.

Being worried and overwhelmed regularly kept me feeling distracted, unproductive, and less emotionally connected to the people I loved.

Geez, just thinking about that time makes me want to reach back through a time tunnel and hug my past self!

Thankfully, there was one technique that truly helped me with my anxiety.

Actually, this technique pretty much saved me. And still does.

This technique is called “sensory meditation” – and it works by tapping into any of your five senses: sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell.

I love doing “sensory meditations”—not only because they are fun. But also because they’re incredibly effective at calming my busy, chattering- monkey mind.

“Sensory meditations” work in a powerful and quick way – because they direct your attention to one of your specific senses.

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