Here is how much hackers sell your Facebook, Gmail, or credit card numbers on the dark web

A hacked Facebook account costs on average $ 74.50 ($ 63.27), an Instagram account $ 55.45 ($ 47.09), and $ 49 ($ 41.62) for Twitter. Daniel Markuson, an analyst with NordVPN, notes in a statement that the selling prices of compromised social media accounts are “relatively low,” and notes that hackers generally access these accounts in order to mount more lucrative scams.

“This information can be used in many fraudulent activities, including identity theft, and its protection should therefore not be underestimated,” warns Daniel Markuson. A hacked Gmail account has a higher average selling price – $ 155.73 ($ 132.26), on average – in part because it could potentially provide a wide range of information about a target’s life and on his other accounts.

Hackers also regularly use compromised email accounts to trick other victims into sending them compromising information. Email scams cost businesses $ 1.7 billion ($ 1.44 billion) in 2019, according to FBI, and FireEye study found 91% of all cybercrimes start with email .

Even more lucrative than social media accounts are the online payment service accounts that hackers use to transfer money from other scams to avoid detection by the police. Hackers are offering stolen PayPal accounts to transfer amounts ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 3,000 in exchange for fees of an average of $ 320 ($ 272), according to the report.

Information on people’s bank cards sells surprisingly inexpensively – between $ 15 and $ 35 on average – in part because these transactions are easily traceable.

The report recommends that people regularly change their passwords to prevent their accounts from falling.

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