Hampton Bay Solar Lights Clearance – Home Depot YMMV


from djgemi9i


Not true at all. I have been able to almost always find the HD brick seem items. Sometimes you just have to look up at the top stock. Walmart inventory on the other hand is not great.

Yep! Exactly this^.

After trying out the first set…I realized that they are actually really metal and thick glass. I went back tonight to grab (what I thought) was the last one on the shelf, and I saw this….

(See attached image)

At this point I have enough lights to line my entire house perimeter haahah

from Nuocmamstyle


You will NEVER find at these low prices! Don’t waste your time on Bricksux…worst stie for prices. You’ve been warned.

Not true. BS showed about 15 in stock tonight and after looking up…they all looked to be there.

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