Ganja Theories – 2020 Marks the Changing of an Aeon

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How Cannabis helped pave the way for a new paradigm

As we roll into the remnants of 2020, we have a brief moment of clarity where we can ‘think’ – not react – but think for a moment. It seems this entire year, which started in a literal inferno has been a series of calamities where we were playing hot-potato to manage it all.

Humanity took a hit – either due to the ‘perceived threats of an invisible antagonist’ or the real responses from those who sit on their thrones of power. We’ve seen different reactions from different groups and many layers of the masks of society fell flat on its face.

The severe lock downs and social distancing have caused a domino effect globally. It is estimated that roughly 30-40 million people in the US alone are at risk of being evicted in 2021. This for a disease that has currently claimed 1.79 million people on a global scale.

Of course – death is death, whether you die from heart disease [17.79M/ year], Cancers [9.56M/Year], Respiratory and lower respiratory diseases [6.47M /year], Dementia [2.51M/year], Digestive Diseases [2.38M/Year] (Source) or the number of other ways one can check out.

But death by COVID is novel. It’s happening now and whether you want to or not, you are forced to look at it.

Now you may think – Reginald, why are you regurgitating all these facts – because, as a writer, stoner and digital philosopher – it got me thinking that perhaps this is not so much about COVID but about the marking of a new Aeon.

WTF is an Aeon?

Let’s start with the definition according to Anton Long;

“An aeon is a manifestation, in the causal, of a particular type of acausal energy. This energy re-orders, or changes, the causal. These changes have certain limits – in both causal space and causal time. That is, they have a specific beginning and a specific end. A civilization (or rather, a higher or aeonic-civilization) is how this energy becomes ordered or manifests itself in the causal: how this energy is revealed. A civilization represents the practical changes which this energy causes in the causal -in terms of the effect such energy has on individuals and this planet. A civilization is tied to, is born from, a particular aeon. By the nature of this energy, a civilization is an evolution of life – a move toward a more complex, and thus more conscious existence …”[SOURCE]

If you want to watered-down version, an Aeon essentially is a “global operating paradigm”. Aeons are also closely link to astrological configurations. I’m sure you’ve heard the term “The Age of Aquarius” and the “Age of Pisces” and so forth.

Well, this is essentially the denotation of “Aeons” within a different vernacular – but essentially holding the same “truth” to the word.

I believe – and of course, this was pulled out of a hash pipe at 12:33 AM – that what we’re seeing with all this shitfuckery is the notable shift in paradigm. The world is not the same it was in 2019.

Wait – can you even ‘Remember 2019’ anymore?

These days, if you’re not scared at home – you’re arguing with your friends and family either over the dangers of the virus or politics. People are fixated by the Clusterfuck of things that have been hurled at them by the angry monkey that is 2020.

I however, constantly drift further back – to a world right before the words “COVID-19” were ever uttered. In this world – people were protesting all over the world due to the obvious corruptions by the various political figures sitting in power.

The Media was ramping up a narrative and creating a greater divide amongst the people. Hong Kong had one of the most significant protests in its history – people were literally dragged to camps.

People were sick and tired of the way things have been going. And then, COVID made everyone dependent on the very people they were protesting against. Like a bitter pill – folks were unsure of what this invisible threat means – they decided to scale back the aggression and isolate themselves for the better part of 2020.

What happened in this forced isolation is the sparking of the new Aeon – The Age of Aquarius is nigh!

The Previous Aeon and the Next

In the age of Pisces, we saw the duality of life. There are two fishes, but what the global paradigm embraced was one of the fishes while rejecting the other. This is the entire “Good vs Evil” paradigm where – what I’m doing is good, and what you’re doing is bad.

Another way of seeing this is the “Left”/”Right” divide, or “liberal and conservative”. This age was riddled with dangerous dichotomies and if you were caught not believing in either – you’d be linched as a witch!

You might think – “Reg, just look at the state of things! Left vs Right, race wars – we’re all fucked!” but then came voices in the middle – voices of reason, of empowerment, of individuality – standing up against all the divide.

Some people believe we are descending into a more militant configuration and perhaps this will be true for a bit – but what’s also happening is that humans are pushing the Space Program again. Hell, the US space force will be called Guardians…

What we’re seeing is a destruction of the way things used to be – and the beginning of a new thing. The age of Aquarius talks about “Human as Gods”, aliging ourselves with our highest self.

However – it’s always up to YOU to decide whether you’ll cling onto the old ways of dichotomous divide – or whether you’d be able to put that shit behind you and accept that people are creative, individual, mini-cosmos and that there is no inherent “right or wrong” except for those who interpret it as such.







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