Fairwinds Inhaler Review From Evan at Bellevue Evergreen Market

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fairwinds cannabis inhaler review from evan of Evergreen Market Bellevue

As a lifelong asthmatic, there is a daily fight between my inner-smoker and my—well, lungs. I used to balance my methods of consuming cannabis between dabbing and smoking flower, usually hitting a wall where I couldn’t smoke any more without crippling my breathing. Between the heat and the actual smoke or vapor, I often found myself chasing a smoke-session with a rescue inhaler. Now I include cannabis inhalers alongside my smoking, but I don’t need rescuing!

While not intended as a treatment for asthma, these inhalers offer an alternative to smoking, vaping, or digesting cannabis. Like dank genies in their tiny bottles, these inhalers pack tasty oil that is easy and discrete to dose—without combustion! Many of the deleterious effects of cannabis are attributed to the heat and the actual cannabis smoke or vapor, but the inhalers use an activated oil, eliminating the need for heat to activate the cannabinoids. Additionally, the inhalers have taken the guesswork out of getting my doses. I get the effect I want every time I hit the inhaler, and it is just a matter of deciding how many puffs I want. No longer am I daintily measuring out dabs of differing consistencies or approximating the same amount of bud from a different harvest—I know what each hit will bring when I take a puff.

I was skeptical when I first heard about the inhalers, disbelieving that mere 2.5mg doses of oil would touch my dabber tolerance. From my first puff, I not only found that the highs came on quickly, but were full bodied and felt just like vaping. The Blue Dream I tried had me happy, floaty, and uplifted. The 1:1 ratio was glorious after a hike or a lifting session, and the 20:1 was perfect to take the edge off of the day and leave me clear headed.

The inhalers are so simple to use that I found myself ignoring my bong at times in favor of a quick puff to chase their wonderful and distinct highs. No more running joints or dead vape batteries on the go either—just a few quick puffs! There are a few methods of use given by the manufacturers, so I wanted to offer the method I found worked best. Keep the inhaler upright and shake it for at least 5 seconds—that is all you need to get it ready! Then place the mouthpiece in your mouth (without the cap, stoners), but don’t close your lips. Start breathing in, then press down on the canister and fully breathe inward, carrying the oil to your lungs. This timing will take some practice, but it is worth it so the oil makes it to your lungs and doesn’t coat your mouth. Hold it for as long as you are comfortable, ideally three to five seconds. I’d also recommend taking a few breaths between hits. Then just sit back and enjoy the high!

These inhalers do not treat any illness or medical problems, asthma or otherwise. Always check with your doctor about any medical concerns.

Written by: Evan Mayer

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