Facebook Hints It Will Leave Europe If The EU Stops It From Taking Europeans’ Data To The …

Donald Trump has opened Pandora’s Box. And now things can turn against American companies.

Could leave Facebook Europe in November? We doubt it a lot, but that is the order that Mark Zuckerberg’s company has thrown at the courts of the European Union, if you do not let them take the personal data of Europeans to the United States.

This weekend, the Chinese company TikTok has been forced to sell part of its business to the North American companies Oracle and Walmart, and to give up its source code, so as not to be banned in the country. The North American government alleges a possible espionage of the data of the North Americans, on the part of the Chinese government. That is why it will be Oracle that will manage this data, without leaving the United States.

The veto of Chinese companies, which began with Huawei, alleging possible government espionage, can be turned against US companies themselves … because other countries can ask the same of them.

In just three years, TikTok has surpassed YouTube in popularity and usage among the youngest. Where did this social network come from? How have you been so successful? Why does the United States want to close it?

As reported by the Business Post, the Supreme Court of Ireland, representing the European Union, will oblige Facebook to process the personal data of Europeans within the European Union, because current privacy agreements and systems do not guarantee that such data will be spied on by certain surveillance programs of the US government.

To be precise, this decision has nothing to do with the US veto on Chinese companies. It goes much further back, specifically the Facebook spy scandal, when it was discovered that the Cambridge Analytica company had been using Facebook’s personal data with impunity to carry out electoral manipulations in favor of Donald Trump and Brexit, among other things.

Already then the European Union announced legislation to prevent the personal data of Europeans from leaving Europe, a decision that has been ratified by the Supreme Court of Ireland.

From the time you wake up to the time you go to bed, it will probably not be 15 minutes without you using a Google product or service. Although it may be hard to believe, Google controls your life.

But while Chinese companies have no choice but to give in, it seems that North American companies are resisting it: Facebook’s Data Protection Director, Yvonne Cunnane affirms in an alleged court statement leaked by the Business Post that does not know how Facebook will continue to operate in Europe (and that implies WhatsApp, and Instagram, among others) if you cannot take the personal data of Europeans to the United States.

Mark Zuckerberg’s company has appealed the ruling, which will be reviewed again in November. If the Court upholds the decision by then, Facebook will have no choice but to adapt (it certainly will) or, as it has threatened … to leave Europe …

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