Curaleaf wants to be the Starbucks of weed Says Quartz article

We hope Quartz are saying this, not Curaleaf, beacuse the Starbucks line has been rolled out, in the past, for both MedMen & High Times and look where that ended up.

Hopefully Curaleaf just want to be Curaleaf and the quote is a Quartz invention rather than Lusardi statement.

The analogy of Starbucks is also somewhat grating.

Starbucks is in the game of  selling coffee that doesn’t really taste like coffee as we know it and anybody who tells me that starbucks food tastes anything other than vaguely  cardboard like  with added salt / sugar, I’d love to read your Starbucks food review.

CLR suggests applying the same thinking to retailing cannabis is a disaster in the making.

Read the Quartz  article (paywall) at 

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