Celebrity Advocates for Legalization (And Which Ones Smoke Weed)

Willie Nelson

Long associated with marijuana use, Willie Nelson was arrested in 2010 for possession of a large amount of weed (which… duh) and briefly made a stir with his mention of wanting to form a “Teapot Party” focused on marijuana law reform. Though nothing much came from the declaration in the long run, Nelson’s long-running advocacy for the legalization of pot puts him firmly on our list.

Miley Cyrus

Often associated with marijuana imagery and “stoner culture” iconography, Miley is more than just a party girl – She’s long been an advocate for the legalization of pot, and despite taking a personal break from marijuana as of 2020 will still openly support marijuana legalization practically any chance she gets.

Woody Harrelson

Another notorious weed smoker, Harrelson (and many other non-surprising names like Tommy Chong and the aforementioned Willie Nelson) serves on the advisory board for NORML. Though mostly a figurehead type of position, Harrelson is known for his outspoken views on the prohibition against cannabis.

Morgan Freeman

Beloved actor Morgan Freeman has been a staunch advocate for marijuana legalization for quite some time, after suffering a vehicular accident that left him with major nerve damage in his arm. Since then, Freeman has been vocal in his support of marijuana legislation, touting its many medicinal capabilities.

Melissa Ethridge

A breast cancer survivor, Melissa Ethridge was a long-time advocate for legalization measures in California, often touting the immense medical benefits of marijuana. Now familiar with the business side of the legal marijuana industry, Ethridge is now working on opening her own cannabis farm, aimed at high-quality products for women consumers.

Jack Nicholson

Despite otherwise not having said much on the subject Nicholson did come out in favor of legalization in a 2011 interview, stating that he still smokes cannabis on occasion himself before discussing the disproportionate amount of drug-related arrests made in the United States.

Susan Sarandon

Not one to stay away from political topics, Susan Sarandon has been very vocal about her support for the decriminalization and legalization of not only cannabis but other street drugs, citing non-violent crime incarceration rates (often unfairly targeting non-white American citizens) as a prime reason.

Danny Devito

Devito has never been too shy about his use of marijuana, claiming it started a life-long friendship between himself and fellow celeb Michael Douglas, and that he sits down with wife Rhea Perlman on occasion to enjoy a smoke. In the leadup to California’s 2016 legalization vote Devito was very active in supporting the measure on social media.

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