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Cannabis is an illicit drug under FDA regulations. However, the marijuana industry or weed industry has the potential of earning large profits worldwide. Yet, the marijuana industry is unable to make progress as it has to be within certain limits. However, the situation is changing, and now lawmakers themselves are willing to legalize weed.

Moreover, according to some individuals, lawmakers of Hawaii are relaxing restrictions on marijuana for their benefits and aims. Weed does have beneficial mental health effects but only within a specific dose range. Furthermore, due to its addictive nature, individuals are recommended to avoid heavy cannabis doses.

Yet lawmakers are reconsidering existing legislation and regulations regarding the cannabis industry and the use of weed. The House Bill 7 introducers are Jeanne Kapela and Nicole Lowen. More House Bill 7-introducers include Mark Nakashima and Richard Onishi. House Bill 238 introducers include Reps. Jeanne Kapela, David Tarnas, and Chris Todd.

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What Does the House Bills States For Cannabis Industry?

More than half a dozen cannabis bills were represented for approval during the most recent legislative session. One of the Cannabis-Bills recommends legalizing the recreational use of cannabis.

To consider every aspect of the bill, the committees need time. However, each committee is to pass the bill within a short duration to the upper authority committee. Moreover, the three committees upon receiving the cannabis-bill have to-pass it to their superior second committees by February 11. Besides, all committees are to consider all marijuana bills by February 19.

House Bill-7 once receive approval from all committees and authorities – will legalize the personal use of weed. Moreover, it will also legalize possession and sale of weed to 21 or older. Furthermore, House Bill-7 will provide means for licensing cannabis establishment and allow sales of weed to excise and income taxes.

The bill also highlights that Hawaii’s enactment of Act 273 allows possession of cannabis up to three grams or less. Moreover, it also points out that other states have legalized weed involving activities and successfully earned large annual revenues.

Moreover, the House Bill 7 reads that legalizing weed activities, including its sales, cultivation, and manufacturing, generates and enhances the economy. It will also lower the crime rate.

The House Bill 238 aims to legalize possession of a certain amount of cannabis by 21 years of age or older. Moreover, allow such individuals to license for marijuana establishment and allocate an unspecified percentage of general tax revenues. Furthermore, through this taxation, the state income tax will increase.

Senate Bills Regarding Weed Industry

Some senators disapprove of the cannabis-bill. But with changing situations, some bills may receive approval from Senate members. Senators have represented various senate bills, and the discussion of approving them continues and on.

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Senate Bill 47 legalizes possession of a certain amount of marijuana inside residential space and a specific amount outside the personal residence. Lawmakers and supporters of the bill say that it is vital for the state to generate revenue. Also, use the income to fulfill its strategic goals.

Moreover, Senate Bill 704 allows sales, possession, and personal use of cannabis within specific amounts. However, operating weed involving activities will require licensing to operate marijuana establishments.

Another Senate Bill 705 would reclassify marijuana by removing it from Schedule I and adding it to Schedule V drugs. The Schedule I drugs include Uniform Controlled Substances whose sales, dispensing, and other activities require operations within restrictions.

By approving such measures and bills, lawmakers will generate revenues and profits for the government. No doubt, the cannabis industry has economic benefits. However, if legalization occurs, then it is vital to keep weed activities in check by building a regulating system.

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