AMCO’s Review of White Bold Prohibition Punch [sugar] purchased from Suite 443

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In every online description I found it has Purple Punch, Larry OG x Grandaddy Purp, instead of prohibition as its titled. This carries Bold’s white label with a THC content of 70.3% and zero CBD. It has a production date of 5/13/20 and batch number M000284424003875. So let’s get to forming AMCO’s High Opinion.

The Jar Appeal

The look of this rates 9 out of 10. The granular consistency is pale peach in color and crumbles at the touch. The one gram container has a clean inside lid with no transfer of product.

The Smell

The smell rates 7 out of 10. To my nose this product is mild, but that’s normal for a concentrate because of the partial removal of fats and lipids. I was able to detect notes of the citrus and Pinene terps when I opened then container.

[embedded content]

The Dab rig in this video was bought at Smitty’s Smoke Shop in Little rock

The Taste

The taste rates 9 out of 10. This sample is being ingested by using the Genie Glass Globe by as you can see in the video. The device’s new coil delivers the pure flavor profile of pine and citrus with no leftovers for the night before. Ordering from the link above will get AMCO in store credit so i can review more ooze products for yall. “amco” in the check out get you 10% off too .

[embedded content]

The Effect

The effect rates 8 out of 10. After a good rice grain sized dose, I found a reduction of pain in legs. In some areas where I normally have little to no feeling, I had an uncomfortable itching sensation. But this was a one time occurrence, as it didn’t give me the same effect with any other time I used it to medicate. I found the pain reduction to be remarkable and the euphoria is not so much that I find it hard to function mentally.


Overall Bold’s Prohibition Punch will treat your body right. In My High Opinion, it rates 8.25 out of 10. I’m sure I’ll be looking for this one again!

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