AMCO’s Review of S’mores Sugar from Bold

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This half gram sample should be an Indica dream. This is made from the flower of the same name which is a 65% Indica dominate. The flower is a cross of Star Dawg and Pink Panther. This should be a pain patients go to with a 73.2% THC level in concentrate sugar form.

The Look

~ The look rates 9 out of 10. The white capped container with curved glass bottom opens to reveal a deep pumpkin colored sample inside. This sugar is a bit drier and more granular than some of the other sugars from Bold. I like this consistency best. There was no transfer left on the lid.

The Smell

~ The smell rates 7 out of 10. Like most concentrates, there isn’t much of an aroma in the jar. Once it was dropped in the ooze tank or banger, there’s still not much in the air, but the scent of pine was in the exhale. ~ The taste rates 10 out of 10! The Pinenene and Myrecene dominate the sample to give it a hint of skunk mixed with pine flavor. It’s remarkably vibrant and has way more flavor that I expected it to!

The Effect

~ The effect rates 10 out of 10 for me as well. A grain of rice sized dose in a banger gives me instant muscle pain relief combined with nerve pain reduction and a distracting euphoria. I find in the ooze tank, its a little less sedative and more controllable level of euphoria for day time. A double dose on a sleepless night brought the sandman to visit.

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~ The overall rating of Bold’s S’mores purchased at Suite 443 rates 9 out of 10 in my high opinion.

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