Amco review of Dream Berry Crumble

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Dream Berry Crumble is a half gram sample here ,picked up at Suite 443 and produced by Bold Team. This Sample is been tested by steep hill to contain 74.2% thc n Cbd levels of 0.0188% .According to my bud tender this product is a mixture of Blue dream strain and strawberry guava.

Half gram sample

The Look

This half gram sample is a deep pumpkin orange color concentrate that is mostly in chunks in the middle of the glass canister. Under light and magnification i found particulate that looked out of place in this does shimmer in the light a little.It crumbled easily i think the classification of consistency is correct. Amco High Opinion 8 of 10 on the jar appeal.

The Smell

I was fighting a sinuses issue the day this was wrote so there your disclaimer. Mizz oo7 said the thinks it smell like limonene in the jar. cant She cant sample being a non patient tho thats as far as she can help us lol.I my self the terpenes that get threw is little bit of pinenene and a fuel note or two. Im a give a extra point credit for the situation go with Amco High Opinion on smell for this one is a 7 of 10.

The Taste

The taste is very present the berry notes are most obvious to me. I dont taste no lemonen or citrous notes although there is a little fuel like exhale that is very pleasing. If i had to try say witch strain is more heavy in the taste it be the blue dream . Amco High Opinion on flavior is a solid 9.

The Effect

I took a rice grain amount of the crumble and placed it on my glass dabber, heated a nectar collector and hit the concentrate strait firm the glass dabber. The euphoria Deam Berry focuses the brain threw the pain brain fog . if you lucky as i am you may even get the all over body tingle that gives way to a little nerve pain reduction.Amco High Opinion the effects for pain and ptsd symptoms of mine 9 of 10 If you find nectar collectors too much with the torch and all try ooze globes .

Are you looking for way to use dab on the go or with out a torch ?

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Overall Amco high Opinion is a 8.12

This is a great way to add a estra kick to your night when flower wont let you get past your symptoms

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